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vanillajsjQuery 3.6.0
jQuery 3.6.0 has been released! In jQuery 3.5.0, the major change was a security fix for the html prefilter. This release does not include a security fix, but does have some good bug fixes and improvements.
css3Button Design
In order to design the right interactions, we need to look back at the history and origins of physical pushbuttons, a direct predecessor of the UI component so heavily used in all digital products today. Buttons are amazing.
typescriptUsing 'Pick' in TypeScript
In this post you’ll learn how to use Pick in TypeScript to help clean up your codebase and make your type management far easier and cleaner! What is Pick? Pick is what’s known as a Mapped Type.
reactStart developing React apps with Rockpack
Rockpack is a simple solution for creating React Application with Server Side Rendering, bundling, linting, testing, logging, localizing within 5 minutes. With the help of Rockpack, any newbie to React can deploy a project of any complexity in a few...
typescriptUnderstanding TypeScript Generics
An introduction to the utilization of Generics in TypeScript with examples grounded in real-world use cases, such as collections, approaches to error handling, the Repository Pattern, and so on.
vanillajsIntroducing JSDB
JSDB is an in-memory JavaScript database that persists to an append-only transaction log.And it’s all JavaScript. What I mean by that is that even the data is stored as JavaScript code. Not JSON. JavaScript!
angularSimple state management in Angular with RxJS
So if all the big state management libs are using RxJS BehaviorSubject and Angular comes with RxJS out of the box... Can we create our own state management with just Angular Services and BehaviorSubject?
reactBuilding React Apps With Storybook
In this article, you will learn how to build and test react components in isolation using Storybook. You will also learn how to use the knobs addon to modify data directly from the storybook explorer.
typescriptWhat’s New in TypeScript 4.0
TypeScript 4.0 was released on Aug 18 and all these exciting features and improvements where rolled-out with it. Without a doubt, these will improve both the developer experience and efficiency of using TypeScript.
nodejsA Boilerplate for Node Web Apps
A boilerplate for when you want to start building a Node app quickly (such as at a hackathon) as it includes almost everything you’d need.
angularBest features in Angular 10
It may seem surprising that Angular pushed another major release just 4 months after the Ivy release. It is smaller than a typical release, but spans the entire Angular platform, from framework to Angular Material to CLI. Plus, the team anticipates...
reactHow the React Native Bridge works
A deep dive into the React Native bridge. We'll also look at the new React Native Architecture and how communication between the native side and the JavaScript side will change in the future.
typescriptReasons to Use TypeScript
Not everyone loves TypeScript. Many JavaScript developers disliked the Typed nature of TypeScript and think modern JavaScript (post ES5) is good enough for Enterprise-grade and large scale Web development.
reactFree React templates and themes
Even although we can't consider component libraries and UI Kits as templates and themes, they are amazing starting points to kickstart new projects, so I thought it was worth mentioning a few of them in this collection.
angularCustom Decorators in Angular
I am sure that you have repeatedly encountered situations during dumb components development when you need to react to the changes in input properties. So this seemingly ordinary action can lead to excessive code duplication while polluting and...
vanillajsLearn Svelte
Svelte is a Javascript framework, a compiler and a language. Unlike other Frameworks such as React and Vue which do much of their work in the browser, Svelte does its work in the compile step, which results in highly efficient code and a potentially...
netIntroducing C# Source Generators
Unless you’ve been closely following every prototype and proposal related to the C# language and compiler, then there’s a good chance you’re asking, “What is a Source Generator” right now. A Source Generator is a piece of code that runs during...
angularIntro to Angular Template Syntax
Angular templates use a modified HTML syntax with some framework-specific syntax added to it. Almost all HTML syntax is valid syntax, with the exception of the script tag. script tags are ignored and a warning appears in the console if it’s there.
typescriptDeno 1.0 is around the corner
Version 1.0 of Deno, a new secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, is set to be released on May 13, 2020. "Therefore we are setting the date of May 13, 2020 as the 1.0 release date. Contributors are encouraged to get any major API changes in...
nodejsFinding Memory Leaks in Node
Memory leaks are like parasites of an application,” starts Arbaz before deftly working through just what problems memory leaks in an app can cause and how to debug a simple one.