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nodejsChoosing the right Node.js Framework
In this post,we are going to examine the differences between three more very popular frameworks: Next, Nuxt, and Nest. These three frameworks are server-side rendering, and they are closely related to React, Vue, and Angular (the three most widely...
typescriptTypeScript Deep Dive
A series of articles that explores TypeScript’s comprehensive type system and teaches you how you can take advantage of it to build robust and maintainable web applications.
angularLoading and Saving Local Documents
When using the Angular version of the TX Text Control document editor, documents are loaded client side using the JavaScript API. If you want to load documents from a server or repository, the document needs to be loaded from client-side (for...
vanillajsWhat Is JavaScript Made Of
In this article, Dan shares a compressed version of the mental model he's developed to give himself more confidence in his understanding of JavaScript. It’s structured like a glossary, with each topic getting a few sentences.
css3CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript
I then asked, "How many people feel the difficulties they have writing CSS at scale have been largely solved by CSS-in-JS?". They weren't stupid, they knew this question was a set-up, nonetheless, many of them obliged me and put their hand up.
typescriptDebugging TypeScript
TypeScript, being the superset of JavaScript, makes it very convenient to write applications that have support for things like data types and generics to mention a few. However in order to be able to execute TypeScript code we need to transpile it...
vanillajsJavascript Algorithms
Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings
nodejsHow to become a better Node.js developer
I’ve compiled below 20 skills, technologies and considerations on choosing between them. Picking the right tools became one of our greatest challenges — the Node.js ecosystem has matured and present attractive options in almost every field. Vanilla...
reactManage Global State with Context API and Hooks
For quite some time, Redux has been React developers go-to library for managing their app’s global state. It’s a great tool – but do you really need it?
typescriptWhat are Declaration Files in TypeScript?
Declaration files are an integral part of the TypeScript ecosystem. However, many developers don’t work directly with declaration files since most major libraries have them bundled with the respective npm package already.
angularHow to build a reusable Modal Overlay/Dialog Using Angular CDK
We are going to learn how to create a reusable modal overlay/dialog using Angular CDK Overlay that can be reused inside your Angular project multiple times with ease. We are going to try and match the behavior and the functionality of Angular...
nodejsGoing Serverless with Your Node Apps
A walkthrough of using Serverless Framework to create and deploy a basic serverless microservice-style app built around Express and MongoDB.
reactA Guide to Redux Anti-Pattern
Yazan will walk you through how Redux is an instance of a Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) model. He’ll use that perspective to redefine what an "Action" should represent to enable scalability with ease. To benefit from this talk, you must have a...
ionicUsing React Firebase Hooks in Ionic
Ionic and Firebase go way back. Since the early days of Ionic, Firebase has always been a go to solution for realtime databases. With the release of Ionic React, it's great to see that Ionic and Firebase can still be used. Aaron gives an intro into...
reactReact Concurrent mode
In this article, Swizec Teller writes about his early experiments with Concurrent mode and React Suspense and discusses what new abilities this update unlocks for developers.
typescriptExplanation of TypeScript generics
The concept of generics is not a very new one - it has been present in different programming languages (such as Java, C# or C++) for a long time. However, for folks without background in a statically typed language, generics might appear complicated.
angularAngular & CSS Grid
Investigate one way to dynamically modify CSS Grid Properties using Angular’s @HostBinding Decorator.Use CSS-Grid with Angular Components by leveraging the :host selector How to adjust CSS Grid Properties such as column-template-rows and gap with...
nodejsPuppeteer 2.0 Released
The popular ‘remote control’ for Chrome now uses Chromium 79, requires Node 8+, and includes new APIs for emulating timezones and media types. Screenshotting has also been improved.
angularBuild a serverless app with Angular, NestJS and Azure
In this article we will go through all the steps to bootstrap, build and deploy a complete application using the Nitro stack: Angular for the frontend, NestJS for the backend and Azure Serverless platform for deployment.
typescriptDeno: A Secure JavaScript/TypeScript Runtime
At TSConf 2019, Ryan Dahl (the creator of Node.js) gave a talk about Deno: a new command-line runtime for executing JavaScript and TypeScript, built using V8, TypeScript, and Rust.