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angularHow to Use *ngIf else in Your Angular Applications
When building your Angular application or any other application, there is always a time when you have to compare between two entities. These entities can be variables or array items. The concept of comparison has helped break down a lot of complex...
ionicIonic React vs React Native
Ever since we shipped Ionic React, we've been asked a lot about how Ionic React is different from React Native. Well instead of repeating the same thing over and over, we put our thoughts down to "paper". Our "Ionic React vs React Native" article...
nodejsStormDB: A Tiny, Lightweight, JSON-Based 'Database'
Designed with Node, the browser, or Electron in mind, this is a very simple zero dependency wrapper that lets you use a JavaScript object as a persistent data store.
typescriptCurveball - A typescript microframework
A Koa-inspired framework but written in TypeScript. Has first class HTTP/2 Push support as well as first class AWS Lambda support, if needed there.
typescriptAdding special values to types in TypeScript
One way of adding special values is to create a new type which is a superset of the base type where some values are special. These special values are called sentinels. They exist in band (think inside the same channel), as siblings of normal values.
angularWhy Your Angular App Is Slow
Angular is, by default, a fast and performant framework. While it leaves ample space for improvement by opting out some of its magic, we almost never have to do anything special to write extremely performant code for the average app.
netDeveloping Web Applications in .NET
The MVC application architecture is most suitable for development of web applications that benefit from being fully rendered on the server, i.e. those that need to be easily indexable by search engines and don’t require a lot of quick user...
nodejsNode.js CLI Apps Best Practices
A collection of curated best practices on how to build successful, empathic and user-friendly Node.js Command Line Interface applications.
typescriptTypeScript enums: How do they work?
JavaScript has one type with a finite amount of values: boolean, which has the values true and false and no other values. With enums, TypeScript lets you define similar types statically yourself.
ionicIonic 5 RC
As you’ve probably heard already, Ionic 5 will bring major design updates and lots of exciting new features to the Framework. We’ve been working on it for exactly a year now (today is the anniversary of Ionic 4) and now we’re excited to share this...
angularNew Features of Angular 9
Angular, Google’s JavaScript (TypeScript) framework for building web applications, mobile or desktop has over 55,000 stars on GitHub. Maintained by the Angular Team at Google and a host of community members and organizations, Angular Version 9 was...
typescriptTypeScript’s Secret Parallel Universe
Did you know that TypeScript uses different namespaces for values and types? Depending on where an identifier is used, it can refer to a type or a value, and the two can be completely independent and incompatible.
nodejsMicrosoft Playwright
Playwright is a Node library to automate the Chromium, WebKit and Firefox browsers. This includes support for the new Microsoft Edge browser, which is based on Chromium. Playwright is focused on enabling cross-browser web automation platform that is...
netMobile Blazor Bindings
These bindings enable developers to build native mobile apps using C# and .NET for iOS and Android using familiar web programming patterns. This means you can use the Blazor programming model and Razor syntax to define UI components and behaviors of...
nodejsChoosing the right Node.js Framework
In this post,we are going to examine the differences between three more very popular frameworks: Next, Nuxt, and Nest. These three frameworks are server-side rendering, and they are closely related to React, Vue, and Angular (the three most widely...
typescriptTypeScript Deep Dive
A series of articles that explores TypeScript’s comprehensive type system and teaches you how you can take advantage of it to build robust and maintainable web applications.
angularLoading and Saving Local Documents
When using the Angular version of the TX Text Control document editor, documents are loaded client side using the JavaScript API. If you want to load documents from a server or repository, the document needs to be loaded from client-side (for...
vanillajsWhat Is JavaScript Made Of
In this article, Dan shares a compressed version of the mental model he's developed to give himself more confidence in his understanding of JavaScript. It’s structured like a glossary, with each topic getting a few sentences.
css3CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript
I then asked, "How many people feel the difficulties they have writing CSS at scale have been largely solved by CSS-in-JS?". They weren't stupid, they knew this question was a set-up, nonetheless, many of them obliged me and put their hand up.
typescriptDebugging TypeScript
TypeScript, being the superset of JavaScript, makes it very convenient to write applications that have support for things like data types and generics to mention a few. However in order to be able to execute TypeScript code we need to transpile it...